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13 January 2024

Non free codecs on tumbleweed


I have been an Ubuntu user in one way or another for as long as I can remember. They ship with all the proprietary codecs you could possibly need. After a recent switch to openSUSE tumbleweed, it took quite a while to get video playback working as expected.

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28 August 2023

Ubuntu connectivity checking


This is a Gnome feature in NetworkManager that will check the network for you. This has been configured by Ubuntu to send a ping to every 300 seconds.

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5 June 2022

Interfaces over Unions


Unions have started coming into PHP with the release of version 8. We have been using them a bit in typescript and have found that opting for an interface is much better. Interfaces clean up the flow of your code and make things much more readable by eliminating the need for many if statements.

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15 June 2019

Git Repository Clean Up


After you have been developing a project for some time your local [[git]] repo becomes detached from the repository on 'origin'. Having loads of local branches that are not needs because they have been merged in already. Or all of the remote branches that are no longer on the remote. There are a few commands you can run to clean things up a bit when you feel things are getting cluttered.

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10 June 2019

ReactJS Router Lazy Loading Pages


When creating a single page app application with [[ReactJS|react]] router. Your bundle size can get quite big when having quite a few pages. Loading all this in one can hinder your performance.

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9 June 2019

Hosting a static site with minio and nginx


Hosting a static site is supper simple with aws however you lose some of the customisability of URLs and redirects. By using minio object store and nginx as a proxy you get back all the control over your redirects and URLs.

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1 June 2019

Use your .env file in bash


The `.env` project has take over the configuration variable war's since ruby started the project some time ago, It's getting some competition from `ymal` however I can't see me moving until I find a good bash solution.

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10 April 2019

Create git tag on last non merge commit


I have been putting a lot of emphasis on generating change logs using conventional change log. Unfortunately the dev community has gone towards squashing and merging. As a result of this conventional changeling doesn't work of the tag is on a merge commit. This command will generate a tag on the last non merge commit to ensure our changelog works.

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1 March 2019

Highlight active window in tmux and neovim


With my recent upgrade to [[Vim Neovom|Neovim]]. I was able to implement a really nice features that integrate with tmux. I am now able to seamlessly highlight the active split with a lighter background color.

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1 February 2019

Tmux search back


When recently on YouTube, a video from Greg Hurrell popped up. I have watched a lot of his videos but must have missed this one because it has the best tip for searching in tmux.

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1 January 2019

ES6 Destructuring Objects


With es6 deconstructing objects gives us a nice way of extracting keys of objects into variables. Combined with the rest operator this comes in very useful when you need to unset an item or two in an object.

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30 October 2018

Puppet and Chocolatey on Windows


At the start of the year, I decided to give my dotfiles a clean up. In this update, I made the decision to use a configuration management tool. Out of all the offerings I chose Puppet. As a Linux user it's not often I need to set up Windows workstations, but for some tasks I have coming up a Windows workstation was the right tool for the job. So the job began on learning how to use Puppet on Windows, and this is how it went:

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17 August 2018

SSH key setup for ssh and git


For me, ssh gets used daily, from logging to remove servers and virtual machines to pushing and pulling code with [[git]]. To make this process a bit better you can set up ssh key pairs. This provides better security and for your main production servers and passwordless auth for your git servers and any other lower priority server.

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18 April 2018

Vs Code Colonizer Plugin


Putting a semicolon at the end of a line is something I do all day as a web developer. So that's why in this post I wanted to give a shout out to the plug-in, I hands down use the most since I made the jump to vs code in 2017.

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10 April 2018

Api testing with codeception and Yii2 http client


Testing API integrations has been one of those things I could not find an elegant solution for. This was before I found yii2's http client. With the use of their "Transports" we can fake API calls for testing without actually hitting the API. By faking responses we can test how our applications handles different responses.

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7 April 2018

Custom building bootstrap and jQuery with webpack


When using bootstrap its always been simple to slim down the css by removing some '@imports' in your less or scss files. Getting rid of that extra bloat in js can be done in the same way thanks to webpack. If you're not familiar with webpack it packs js modules into common js assets. Each component of bootstrap and jQuery are split into modules, using webpack loaders we can import only the modules we are using.

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