28 August 2023

Ubuntu connectivity checking


This is a Gnome feature in NetworkManager that will check the network for you. This has been configured by Ubuntu to send a ping to every 300 seconds.

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1 June 2019

Use your .env file in bash


The `.env` project has take over the configuration variable war's since ruby started the project some time ago, It's getting some competition from `ymal` however I can't see me moving until I find a good bash solution.

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1 February 2019

Tmux search back


When recently on YouTube, a video from Greg Hurrell popped up. I have watched a lot of his videos but must have missed this one because it has the best tip for searching in tmux.

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17 August 2018

SSH key setup for ssh and git


For me, ssh gets used daily, from logging to remove servers and virtual machines to pushing and pulling code with [[git]]. To make this process a bit better you can set up ssh key pairs. This provides better security and for your main production servers and passwordless auth for your git servers and any other lower priority server.

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