A showcase of some of my projects

React Form

A UI agnostic form abstraction for React. It was built out of the frustration of having to manage attribute and error state using useState. It is built to be a low level form library, so you can build your own form inputs that integrate with your design system.

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An ivy-mode port to Neovim. After coming back to Neovim after a long stint in Emacs, all the fuzzy finders have started to adopt the pop-up and preview UI that is now familiar in Telescope. After finding out my beloved CommnadT had also made the jump, I decided to build my on with the old school UI.

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Github PR CLI

Creating a pull request from your favourite EDITOR. A simple wrapper around the ghCLI tool to craft a pull request using your projects template. The idea is that when you are working on a PR, you create better, descriptive PRs if you prepare them as you go. If you wait until the end of your work, you will probably miss out all the little details that will explain why to your reviewers.

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Diff Cov

Simple CLI to print diffs highlighted with test coverage status. Designed to give you a good idea of the CodeClimate coverage percentage of a diff locally. So you can see what you need to get covered before you even push.

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